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THUAS - Student Research Group on "Redesigning communal spaces on Zeeburgereiland"

Geplaatst op 3 maart 2021, 15:54 uur

Hey everyone!

We are a student research group from THUAS that are currently doing research on how we can make the communal spaces in Zeeburgereiland more inviting to co-creation. As Zeeburgereiland is rapidly developing, we are trying to find new ways to innovate the urban ecology.

For our research we are looking for people who frequently visit Zeeburgereiland and are willing to participate in a Mobile Diary Study with us. That basically means that we would want you to show and/or tell us what your day typically looks like, living or working on Zeeburgereiland. Think of questions like "What do you eat for lunch? Where do you get your lunch? What do you do during your lunchbreak or afternoons? If you have a dog, where do you walk it? What public spaces do you like to visit during your free time? What do you like about Zeeburgereiland?" etc. This would take place over the course of a day.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in helping us out we would greatly appreciate it!

Please contact us at +31641049718 through Whatsapp if you are willing to help.

Jongeren, 11-22 jaar, Volwassenen, Senioren
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