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Zeeburgereiland: lively, green and connected 


Hi Zeeburgereiland residents.

We would like to invite you to a creative session where you can help us understand how to best design for Zeeburgereiland. We have two sessions planned: next Monday (17th) and Friday (21st).

Zeeburgereiland has many developments on its way and we would like to hear from you as residents or stakeholders. Currently we are striving for the island to become more lively, green and connected. Our main idea is to suggest a green promenade (reference image enclosed).

We will be doing this session remotely so we only ask you to join via laptop or PC.

We look forward to hearing from you during the session and to co-create a Zeeburgereiland for all to enjoy.
Session dates: we provide two options, 
Monday 5/17, 4:30 PM 
Friday 5/21, 10:30 AM.
• Introduction (10 mins)
• Reshuffling of the services on the promenade (15 mins)
• Discussion of the results (15 mins)
• Discuss: what do you think of these services? (15 mins)
• Discuss: What services do you think is missing and what would you would like to add? (15 mins)
• Closing remarks (10 mins)
Kind Regards,
Atene, Richie, Puti, Yoana and Michèle

Jongeren, 11-22 jaar, Volwassenen, Senioren
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Michele Huynh

vr 14 mei 2021 12:52
If you would like to participate in this fun session, please email our design team at: