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Geplaatst op 8 mei 2020, 12:33 uur

*  looking for testimonies, opinions, songs, music, audio recordings  *


Beste buren, dear neighbours,

What are your experiences of confinement?
What was positive or negative that you experienced in the last weeks?
What will be the first place you visit after the lockdown? 

Feel free to send me your testimony, an audio contribution with your opinion. You can also contribute with a music piece, a song, an experimental recording or sounds of the nature around.

All together I'm creating a 20 min. Podcast with sounds from the island, so far I have collected a few voice and field recordings. 

No matter how short or long the piece is, you can record it simply with your phone and send it to until May 16. 

You can also call me or contact me on Whatsapp: +49 176 70 23 88 18.

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